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Let's return the SOCIAL to Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. That was all yesterday. The world of tomorrow won’t be dominated by advertisers like these. Press the arrow to find out (f)our reasons why.

(F)our reasons for Datong

Not for profit

We do not see people as products, a source of revenue or profit. This means that your data will stay yours and we won’t be able to use your data for our monetary gains. Datong will be registered as a foundation, with statutes that will serve as its bill of rights. A network not ruled by the private interests of its owners, but the interests of the collective. A foundation where everyone has the opportunity of membership. This membership is by no way required to use the network,but it allows us to keep working on adding features, functionality and making sure that everything stays safe and is in compliance with the privacy laws of the EU.

Moneyless trading

We will introduce an unique digital coin that you can exchange for services on the network itself. You don’t have to spend money to earn these coins. We believe that by just putting time and effort in the network, you should be compensated for the work you do. Our goal is to create an amazing and thriving marketplace where you can exchange goods and services with anyone in the world without the use of banks or exchanges rates. And much safer and faster then you’re used to.

You only need one

We want to integrate the functionality of a lot of social media networks into one intuitive and easy to use social network. A social network where you can decide what you want to share and who you want to share it with. Where you don’t have to manage multiple entities like LinkedIn and Facebook but you decide what information your employer, businesspartner, family or friends get to see. This is how it works in real life so why should a social network be any different?

Open Source

All systems we’re building will be Open Source. Anyone can audit and see how we provide these services. There are no trade secrets and definitly no intricate algorithms. We’re here to help build a social network where there are no filter bubbles or shadow banning. A social network where you are encouraged to share and discuss ideas in a way that would be the same as a true public space. And for all you creative development types out there: OpenAPI’s will be made available to integrate the network with your own websites and apllications.

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